iabiy Research

semiconductor consultants

we’ve been in the industry since the late 90s. we are experts in in the semiconductor manufacturing process. We consult along the supply chain to specific process improvements and optical tricks to build the smallest features.

The CHIPS and Science act has reignited our passion for the craft.

As of 2021 statistics China followed by Russia Brazil and Norway leads in the Global production.’s%20largest,tons%20in%20the%20same%20year.

Its the second abundant element on earth . The mining has minimal environmental impact .

Looking at present situations as of February 2023 the latest outlook from Deloitte suggests the war for talent continues (plus high inflation plus low unemployment, plus the need to ramp up new plants in the United States and Europe but also in Southeast Asia), chipmakers see costs rise much faster than usual.

Although the Macroeconomic outlooks may be accurate or even variable in certain we dont see a slow down in the core business . We see the CHIPS act as a favorable driving force.

We work with engineers and professionals to manage these endavers . we train sustaining engineers. Field enginer.

we know the nano trenches. Taiwan Semiconductor is is on 1 nm . That some leap as we move to AI systems and self driving cars , medical imaging , drug ingestion , server farms, etc .

Whats your strategy

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